Inkbird 6 Probe Thermometer


Inkbird 6 Probe Thermometer

  • If you are serious about Barbecue, Smoking or any other cooking for that matter, then this is the thermometer for you.


    This Inkbird Thermometer is one of the best BBQ Thermometers available, it has 6 temperature probes meaning that you can monitor up to 6 different temperature zones on the one unit.


    With the added bonus of Bluetooth connectivity and FREE app, you can monitor your cook from up to 50m away.




    Rare: 45°C | Med/Rare: 55°C | Med: 60°C | Med/Well: 65°C | Well Done: >70°C



    Rare: 60°C | Med/Rare: 65°C | Med: 70°C | Well Done: >75°C


    Pork: 63°C


    Chicken: 75°C

* Actual items may vary from pictures.