While we cannot answer "what's the meaning of life?",

we can answer some other equally important questions!

Frequently asked questions

What is a Dry Rub?

A Dry Rub is a mix of dry ingredients - Herbs, Spices, Sugars etc. All of Grilla Pit's rubs are made from the highest quality ingredients and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

What are your Sauces used for?

You can use all Grilla Pit sauces straight out of the bottle as a dipping or pouring sauce. They are also great to baste your meat to create a deliciously sticky glaze. To use your favourite Grilla Pit sauce as a marinade or in a slow/pressure cooker, just water down about 50%.

How do I use a Rub?

Dry Rubs are used mostly as a pre-cook seasoning, but you can use them after cooking by lightly sprinkling them over your meal (great over hot chips). There are several ways to use a rub:

  1. If you are cooking cuts of meat like steak or chops, sprinkle your favourite rub over both sides of the meat just until you can't see the meat. There is no need to actually rub in. The basic rule of thumb is 'whatever sticks to the meat when you pick it up, is the right amount'. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes - you will see the moisture come out of the meat then soak back in; as soon as it soakes back in, you are good to cook it however you normally would (bbq, frypan, grill etc.)
  2. Using on Roasts or Low & Slow cooks (Ribs, Briskets etc.), lighty coat your meat with Yellow Mustard or Olive Oil to help the rub bind to the surface (you will not taste this once cooked). Cover the meat on all sides (as above, what sticks is the right amount). Let it rest preferably a few hours or over night, but at least until the rub has soaked up the moisture from the mustard or oil and is no longer dry. Then cook it as you normally would (Oven, Barbecue, Smoker etc.)
  3. For extra tasty burgers, mix some rub into your mince and make your delicious patties. This also works for sausages and can be added to pasta or pizza sauce etc.
  4. To add a little pizaz to your baked vegetables by coating your vegies in olive oil then sprinkling your favourite Grilla Pit rub over them. Cook as you normally would.
  5. You can turn your Grilla Pit Dry Rub into a Wet Marinade by simply adding equal amounts of water to the mix and letting it dissolve. You can then use it as a traditional marinade, in a slow cooker or to make delicious Jerky.

Can I order and pick it up myself?

Absolutely! We are happy for you to pick up your order. Unfortunately we don't have our own shop for you to visit, however you are welcome to pick them up from our warehouse or from any of our market stalls. Just contact us to arrange a time. Of course we can also post your order out if you are not in the area.

What temperatures should I cook my meat to?

Below are the internal temperatures for the most common meats. If you are cooking something else, please contact us if you need help working it out. Beef
Rare: 45°C | Med/Rare: 55°C | Med: 60°C | Med/Well: 65°C | Well Done: >70°C Lamb Rare: 60°C | Med/Rare: 65°C | Med: 70°C | Well Done: >75°C Pork: 63°C Chicken: 75°C

Are your products Gluten Free?

Yes. All of our products are 'Celiac Safe' Gluten Free. At events or markets where we offer ready to eat food, such as Pulled Pork or Beef Rolls, Nachos and Tacos, we do have several Gluten Free options available. As not everything on our menu is gluten free, you need to ask for it. We use seperate preparation areas, utensils and gloves to limit cross contamination as much as possible. While we take the upmost care, we cannot guarantee 100% cross contamination will not occure.