so far...

Our barbecue adventure started in our back yard by playing with different flavours combinations for our family. This quickly grew into an obsession and we amassed hundreds of ingredients from all over the world.

As with anything you are passionate about, you want to share it with your family and friends. A friend of a friend asked one day if they could buy a pack of our rub. From that moment on, we decided to have a go at marketing our products to the wider community.

We are continually adding to our product range and now have 10 flavours of Dry Rubs, 9 flavours of BBQ Sauce, an extremely hot Chilli Sauce, Tomato Sauce, 4 flavours of Beef Jerky, Mint Jelly, Liquid Smoke, a swag of barbecue accessories and our own merchandise.


Towards the end of our second year, we decided to offer ready to eat meals at one of our larger regular markets - Pulled Pork and Pulled Beef Rolls cooked in our rubs and sauces.. We sold out in 45 minutes! Due to the overwhelming response, we decided to make this a regular feature at the majority of markets and events we attend and can cater for private functions. As with our produce, we continue to develop and add to our menu. Be sure to check out our Catering page.

Starting with local markets and events and later with online and in retail outlets, we have been able to build our business into something we are truly proud of and that still drives our passion.