Folding Digital Thermometer Probe


Digital Thermometer: Folding

  • This is a thermometer specifically designed for BBQ, grilled or smoked foods. It has a long metal probe and durable casing for protecting your hand, making it very safe to use. With a temperature range from -50°C to 300°C, it is perfect for measuring temperature of steaks, BBQ and smoked meat, fish, chicken, beer, wine, milk, water and much more.


    Rare: 45°C | Med/Rare: 55°C | Med: 60°C | Med/Well: 65°C | Well Done: >70°C



    Rare: 60°C | Med/Rare: 65°C | Med: 70°C | Well Done: >75°C


    Pork: 63°C


    Chicken: 75°C

* Actual items may vary from pictures.