Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky Hot

The history of Jerky goes way, way back in time and we have numerous cultures to thank for bringing it forward into todays world.


There is evidence that jerky was eaten in ancient Egypt. We know for sure though that it was popular among South American civilisations like the Cuechua Incans who called it Ch'arki and North American Cree Indians who produced something similar calledPemmican. Spanish Conquistadors took up these methods of preserving meat and called it Charqui which eventually became Jerky in the English language.


Grilla Pit Jerky combines this age old process with modern technology to produce our Jerky using 100% Prime Australian Beef and our very own marinades.


* All of our Jerky, Rubs and Sauces are Gluten Free!

Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky: Hot

  • Grilla Pit Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky is rapidly becoming a favourite of long time Jerky lovers and first timers alike.


    Using our very own Smokey BBQ Rub as a base for our Jerky Marinade and Prime Topside Beef, you will soon discover how Jerky is supposed to be!


    The best thing about Jerky is not just that it tastes amazing, but that it is healthy too! It is packed with protein, making it a great snack for in between meals.


    Whether you like things on the Mild side or getting your tastebuds dancing with Meduim or Hot, be warned that this Jerky is extremely morish!

* Actual items may vary from pictures.